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Parking in SlotsArkaderne

SlotsArkaderne has the most centrally located car park in Hillerød, with a total of 1,100 parking spaces.

It is easy to park your car in SlotsArkaderne. With our new parking system, you no longer have to remember a parking ticket or stand in line to pay for parking. Simply remember your license plate, and enter it in one of the payment machines before leaving the car park. The first hour every day is free.

Parking in Hillerød’s friendliest shopping center has never been easier:


1. Park your car, and remember your license plate number

2. Shop and make your purchases in SlotsArkaderne 3. Check how long you have parked and pay before you leave the car park


How does the parking system work?

When you drive in and out of the car park, your number plate is read automatically, and the system register how long you have parked. You don’t have to do anything on arrival – just remember your license plate number. You will need it for payment at the end of your visit. Before you leave the car park, payment should be done in one of the machines set up on every floor og the car park. Enter your number plate and follow the steps on the screen. You only pay for the time, you have parked your car. Payment can be made with MasterCard and Visa. You can also pay via apps, e.g. EasyPark and PARKPARK. Please note that there is a transaction fee when using these apps.

What is the price for parking in SlotsArkaderne?

As something new, you get 1 hour for free every day in SlotsArkaderne. You can park your car for as long as you want. The car park is open 24/7, and you can also use the car park outside the opening hours of SlotsArkaderne. The price for parking is:

1/2 hour: 8 DKK
1 hour: 16 DKK
2 hours: 32 DKK
3 hours: 48 DKK
4 hours: 64 DKK

Forgot payment?

If you forgot to pay or just want to pay after departure, you can do this up to 48 hours AFTER departure. You do this by entering your license plate here. If you are in doubt about how long you have parked, you can always enter your license plate in the payment machine and check how long you have parked.

Failure to pay entails a fee of DKK 250 in addition to the parking amount.

Need help with parking in SlotsArkaderne?

If you have problems with parking or have a question about the system, you are welcome to contact Securitas Service Center, which maintains the car park in SlotsArkaderne – telephone: 00 45 72 26 83 82 or email: parking@securitas.dk.

Parking fees will only be send trough letters. If you have any questions to those – contact then Securitas.

Pay for your parking here (type in your license plate number)

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